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Fluegge Construction Inc. has been a part of the construction industry for over 15 years. We have completed custom homes, large renovations and remodels in Orange County's most exclusive communities such as Shady Canyon, Crystal Cove, and Covenant Hills and will take on projects of any size.

We have built a team of Architects, Engineers, and Subcontractors which share the highest of standards and level of detail in the industry. These consultants have many years of experience in Orange County communities and take pride on custom homes, remodels and renovations to fit your exact needs. Each project is managed with close attention to quality, construction budget, and schedule. With these values, we will exceed your expectations on your next project.

 A tour maybe arranged for our newly finished renovations, remodels, or custom homes in several Orange County locations.


Fluegge Construction
27762 Antonio Pkwy, Ste L-1, #422
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

Phone: 949 275 7311
Fax: 949 242 2503 or 949 709 0484



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